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Ed Ireland
Bass / Lead Vocals
Playing bass for only 3 years, but with over 10 years of musical background, Ed mezmerises local musicians with his completely unique playing skills and sound. The melodic driving force of the band, Ed is influenced by John Entwistle and The Smiths.
Ed intends on taking his multi-talents to music college, and ultimately becoming a professional session bassist.

Rob Collins
Guitar / Vocals
Rob has played guitar since he was 8 and is one of the founding members of the band. Influenced by Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton, Rob developed his skills as a rhythm guitarist and is identified as giving The Escape its distinct, tight edge.
Having enjoyed playing gigs from the Bedford Corn Exchange to atmospheric pubs and clubs, he intends taking his career further into
recording and performing, far and wide outside of the local scene.

Matt Jarman
Drums / Vocals
Adopted by music since he was 6, Matt has been playing drums for over 10 years, and has played with The Escape since its formation. Inspired by Keith Moon, Clem Burke, and Phil Collins.
Matt focuses on providing a strong drive to the music, and melodic backing vocals.
Whilst playing several other instruments, Matt also enjoys working as a technician and runs a studio, working with as many musicians as possible. Matt sees a future in music wherever it takes him.